Boiler maintenance

Maintenance must be done by a heating engineer. **

  • Gas boiler maintenance : 110 € TTC

  • Oil boiler maintenance : 176 € TTC

** The law says: Any oil, gas or multi-fuel boiler with an output between 4 and 400 kilowatts must be serviced annually.


The maintenance obligation also applies to all heat pumps and heating devices with ventilation.

the main reason is to avoid the risks of CO2 poisoning, especially for the old boilers called: high temperatures and low temperatures, indeed these have the particularities of taking the air in the room they are placed.

Namely, the control includes:

- Cleaning of the heating body.

- Cleaning of the connection duct.

- The sweeping of a built-in chimney by a chimney sweep *

- A combustion test.

- A check of correct operation.

- A verification of the security elements.

the benefits of an interview

- Maintain the performance of the device.

- Guarantee the longevity of your heating system.

- Save on your expenses.

* the heating engineer is authorized to clean the combustion exhaust outlet pipes between the boiler and the chimney.

** In the absence of maintenance, the lessor can withhold the amount of maintenance from the security deposit. The insurer can refuse to compensate in the event of a claim.

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