Thierry Kassi craftsman specializing in Plumbing , Heating , Air conditioning , Enalsa   


Your craftsman Thierry Kassi plumber in Revel and Castres.


Have you been the owner for a long time, or have you just bought ?.

Do you simply want to renovate or replace certain elements ?.


Thierry KASSI craftsman plumber heating engineer performs maintenance and repair of plumbing, heating and air conditioning.

Listening, he studies with you your project, your desires, your budget in order to achieve a personalized and detailed estimate, most often live (on site).

Experienced plumber, qualified and certified in his various fields.

Thierry company to create the AKWABAS company in 2012 and has civil / ten-year liability insurance, RGE qualifications for heaters and heat pumps.

From plumbing to heating to air conditioning, everything requires technical knowledge, whether it is a simple installation or a repair of your faucet, these works can take time during your weekends. or evenings.

Do not hesitate to entrust your work to a trusted craftsman to be relieved and take full advantage of a quality installation.

the know-how is acquired through years of experience and training, constantly updating is a plus to always bring you the best.

Thierry KASSI is involved in the installation, replacement and repair of your sanitary facilities, plumbing networks, valves, boiler, hot water tank ...

For these works, your plumber tradesman usually works with brands known for the quality and reliability of their equipment.

A desire for change? The opinion of a professional can count!

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Located in Revel and Castres